A fresh start

hi guys

well..here i am..yet again trying my hand at blogging…im really not a writing kind of person so this is pretty hard for me.

im guessing 90% of the time my posts will be ”hey look what i made today!” or something along those lines

i’ll try and share my creativity and thoughts in hope to see myself improve and also hopefully ispire you to do/make something too :)

if you’re interested i’ll share patterns etc that i create too

i love to share!

as this is pretty much a first post i’ll cut it short..

this is what ive been upto today!

crochet doily…

heres my work in progress..i did start it yesterday and didnt think to take a photo so..photo 1

at around 2pm when it started taking shape

photo 2 finally getting to the interesting bit:)

and photo 3..as it is now..

ive got 3 or 4 rows to do still and a pretty frilly edge so hopefully i’ll finish it tomorrow..

i think its looking pretty :)

its crocheted to a pattern i found in an Asian magazine using size 10 crochet cotton ad a 1.5mm hook

another project i finished today was my embroidered bunny

here she is in all her cuteness

i haveĀ  no idea what to do with it tho…i keep making cushion covers..i need to thik of something else to do with my embroidered designs..

any ideas?

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book after book..i get hooked every time the writer speaks to me like a friend..

lyrics from the song spaceball ricochet marc bolan/t.rex

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